How does this affect my company?

With 85% of businesses using Linux in their IT infrastructure, the odds are good that yours does, too. When you consider that 80% of these companies plan to grow their Linux footprint in the next year, the need for skilled administrators becomes obvious. The technologies your business use are evolving every day. Industry-recognized certification and continued education for your system administrators is key to not only reducing your company's IT downtime, but also for retaining your talented employees.

FOSSter's mission is to provide a more comprehensive training experience through mentorship, hands-on work, live-environment exercises, and post-certification access to mentors.

Why is mentored training effective?

FOSSter has developed training programs that are interesting and relevant. In contrast, rote (or memorized) learning methods produce substandard results and disinterested students with no working context. This working context is critical to avoid potentially costly missteps in real-life situations. FOSSter programs are designed to overcome these problems - integrating live break/fix scenarios, real Open Source projects and a true mentoring process.

Our flexible scheduling allows your staff to complete their training without taking time away from work. Your system administrators will become more confident in their roles as they progress through our courses, filling in critical gaps in their skill set.

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