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Invest in your IT staff

The value of ongoing skills development for your IT staff cannot be understated. With the median salary for a System Administrator exceeding $87,000 and the demand for these resources out-pacing the supply, employee retention is key to achieving business goals.


By investing in training for your IT staff you will reduce employee turnover. Your organization will cut down on costly downtime by teaching your administrators new skills and emerging technologies that they wouldn't otherwise be exposed to in their day-to-day routine.


By investing in a training plan with FOSSter, you will improve the technical competency of your staff without ever taking them out of the office.

60%of Open Source professionals keep their skills up to date through online training courses.2016 Open Source Jobs Report

Accelerator for Launching Your Dream Career

Flexible Schedule

Your staff can train with FOSSter in the evening, on the weekend, or during the business day without ever leaving the office.

Hands-on Training

Enhance your system administrators' skills by working on real Linux servers.

One-on-one Mentorship

Work one-on-one with a mentor who understands the goals of your staff and provides progress reports to management.

L-010-160LPI Linux Essentials

The purpose of the Linux Essentials program is to define the basic knowledge required to competently use a desktop or mobile device running a Linux operating system. The program will guide and encourage individuals who are new to Linux toward understanding the place of Linux and Open Source in the context of the broader IT industry. Students will also be educated on pursuing a career in Linux and Open Source.

This course will teach students essential Linux skills, including navigating the filesystem, command line basics, introductory shell scripting and security & file permissions.

Students who complete the course and pass the written exam will receive the Linux Professional Institute's Linux Essentials certification.

  • Price: $950
  • Objectives: Linux Essentials v1.6 (exam code 010-160)
  • Certification: LPI Linux Essentials

What will you learn ?

The following topics are covered in FOSSter's Linux Essentials mentored Linux training program. This course is aligned with version 1.6 of the LPI Linux Essentials exam objectives.

  • Objectives: Linux Essentials
  • Topic 1: The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
  • Topic 2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System
  • Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line
  • Topic 4: The Linux Operating System
  • Topic 5: Security and File Permissions

As an open source developer, basic Linux system administration has always been a secondary skill for me. FOSSter's Linux Essentials course taught me the fundamentals I needed to feel more comfortable on the command line, allowing me to better support my clients.

Greg Mousseau, GTA Labs

L-100-500LPIC-1: Linux Administrator

LPIC-1 is the first certification in LPI’s multi-level Linux professional certification program. This course will validate the student's ability to perform maintenance tasks on the command line, install and configure a computer running Linux and configure basic networking.

Students who complete the course and pass the written exams will receive the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 certification.

  • Price: $2,250
  • Objectives: LPIC-1 v5.0 (exam codes: 101-500 & 102-500)
  • Certifications: LPI LPIC-1: Linux Administrator

What will you learn ?

The following topics are covered in FOSSter's LPIC-1 mentored Linux training program. This course is aligned with version 5.0 of the LPI LPIC-1 exam objectives, and covers both the 101 and 102 exams.

  • Objectives: Exam 101
  • Topic 101: System Architecture
  • Topic 102: Linux Installation and Package Management
  • Topic 103: GNU and Unix Commands
  • Topic 104: Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • Objectives: Exam 102
  • Topic 105: Shells and Shell Scripting
  • Topic 106: User Interfaces and Desktops
  • Topic 107: Administrative Tasks
  • Topic 108: Essential System Services
  • Topic 109: Networking Fundamentals
  • Topic 110: Security

FOSSter's LPIC-1 training course has had a noticeable impact on our server team. The training filled in many skills gaps I didn't know existed, and our staff are now more adept at troubleshooting and resolving day-to-day server problems.

Greg Tremblay, President, Tier 10 Inc.

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